Help needed: Create own BF:BC2 server with A.I. bots

Salutations fellow BF enthusiasts,

first of all, my eternal gratitude for this community & making it possible to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 after the shutdown of the original servers. The trips down memory lane have so far been a pleasant surprise, seeing how well aged BF:BC2 is over more then a decade. So much nostalgic bliss. Thank you!

For the topic in question, I still have the following question specifically for Battlefield Bad Company 2.
I’ve read the possibility for A.I. bots as addition to servers for BF3 & I’ve played servers that contain A.I. bots in BFBC2. Hence the question, how can one make an BFBC2 (private) server with active A.I. bots performing on both team sides?
Additional question: If making said server on my own is possible, which maps & modes would allow A.I. bots on both sides?
Thank you in advance for the response!

Cheers from the Netherlands!


hi B0mbV0yage2.0

im not sure because i havnt tried it but i think this is what you are looking for
How to play BFBC2 with offline bots - Mod by Napisal (
You may also have a look at Napisals youtube for more info, these are from his work Napisal Mod Channel - YouTube but sadly he has not continued his work for a long time and many of the links in his videos are no longer available.
hope thats what you were looking for

Ayy @ passworddevil

thank you very much for the effort in commenting & the additional effort for the added link.
I do happen to be familiar with said bot mod & have managed to make it work through an combination of files from Randoms (Battlefield Bad Company 2 | BBC2 Modpack v5 | Multiplayer Bots | Napisal) & tutorial by The Grabisoft (Add bots to Battlefield Bad Company 2 - TUTORIAL w/download).
However, this doesn’t seem to work in the same way as the usual bot servers that are currently available on BFBC2. It also doesn’t help then when a bot enters the chopper gunner seat, the aimbot & damage gets surreal to cheating hacker levels.
I’m still searching for any possible answers to get an bot server similar to the already existing servers with additional bots. It seems to be possible, but I still have no clue how to start up one myself with said bots.

Thank you for both the help & potential response, cheers!

hi again @B0mbV0yage2.0 ,
yes its quiet the little secret as to how the bot server got their hands on it at all, or quite what it is, most assumed Napisal never finished it. Worth having a look through the chat on the VU discord and more specifically another discord called BattlefieldModding ; where theres a few resources and plenty of people that may be able to help.

I also like to know how to setup a BF:BC2 server. I managed to setup a desktop server for BF3 with fun-bots and PRoCon just fine, using the instructions from the wiki and a good YouTube video about it. But can’t find any good instructions for BF:BC2 anywhere…

How to setup a BF:BC2 server?
Do Joe81’s fun-bots work on BF:BC2 servers?

Bumping this topic.
If anyone knows, please let us know.