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I cannot install Vu.exe

Hi, I cannot install vu.exe, I downloaded the installer but when click in it nothing happens, please help, thanks.

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Hi … i had the same issue.

I had to ENABLE and UPDATE Microsoft Defender - then it worked .

But I use antivirus Kapersky.

Same problem here.
I install Venice Unleashed, but vu.exe is being removed from client folder almost instantly.
I use Kaspersky Free Antivirus, i’ve tried adding folder to exclusions both in kaspersky and windows defender, I’ve tried adding exe to the exclusions but there is a window saying it contains virus anyway…
I also been doing these actions with kaspersky and windows security disabled, nothing helped.

i have the same problem with Kaspersky Free Antivirus but if i pause protection and instal Vu. the it works just fine.

follow this:

but my problem is that when I click in installer of vu, nothing happen, nothing, none message.

your AV is blocking the execution of the installer.

fix it, I download the new installer and it worked.

this problem not fixed today…it is continuing. i have same problem

have you read, what ppl write here and in discord about?
if exe installer does not work, try the zip version
optional disable your antivirus, cause can be blocking the exe file as false positive.