All gamemodes in all maps

Based on the mod by SassythSasqutch I’m expanding it offering all game modes into all maps (SP and Coop included), the mod is still WIP in a way that i’m currently adding more game modes into more maps, so take a look time to time to see what new game modes have been added!


It’s mandatory to download my CustomLevelLoader, gamemodes have been ported based on the layout of such custom maps.

MAKE SURE YOU SET ‘-highResTerrain’ AS A LAUNCH COMMAND FOR YOUR SERVER (you should do this anyway). Without this, the terrain collision gets trippy.

I recommend you to use my Vu-Loading-extended mod (initially made by KVN). SP and Coop maps have no loading screens so using this mod you at least would provide a visual feedback of the level while it’s loading.

Known issues

Due the lack of Rime (at the moment of writing these lines) it is not possible to replace textures, thats why there aren’t those “orange lines” that shows the player where the actual OOB of the map is.


SassythSasqutch, for making the base of this amazing mod.
Bree_Arnold, Janssent, Breaknix, KVN, IllustrisJack, Lesley and everyone for their help with VEXT.


To download it from Github click here.

Direct Download: (1.2 MB)

Maps & Gamemodes

Level New Gamemodes (as in MapList)
Teheran Highway // MP_003 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Seine Crossing // MP_011 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Kharg Island // MP_018 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Operation Firestorm // MP_012 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Damavand Peak // MP_013 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Noshahr Canals // MP_017 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Operation Metro // MP_Subway GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Grand Bazaar // MP_001 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Caspian Border // MP_007 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Strike at Karkand // XP1_001 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Gulf of Oman // XP1_002 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Sharqi Peninsula // XP1_003 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Wake Island // XP1_004 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Ziba Tower // XP2_Skybar AirSuperiority0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0 ----- SquadRush0
Donya Fortress // XP2_Palace CaptureTheFlag0 ----- SquadRush0
Operation 925 // XP2_Office CaptureTheFlag0 ----- SquadRush0
Scrapmetal // XP2_Factory CaptureTheFlag0 ----- SquadRush0
Alborz Mountains // XP3_Alborz GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Armored Shield // XP3_Shield GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Bandar Desert // XP3_Desert GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Death Valley // XP3_Valley GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Azadi Palace // XP4_Parl Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Epicenter // XP4_Quake Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Markaz Monolith // XP4_FD Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Talah Market // XP4_Rubble Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
Operation Riverside // XP5_001 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0
Nebandan Flats // XP5_002 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0
Kiasar Railroad // XP5_003 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0
Sabalan Pipeline // XP5_004 GunMaster0 ----- Domination0
Kaffarov // sp_villa Domination0 ----- GunMaster0 ----- SquadDeathMatch0 -----TeamDeathMatchC0 ----- SquadRush0 ----- RushLarge0
Valley // sp_valley ConquestLarge0 ----- RushLarge0 ----- SquadDeathMatch0 ----- SquadRush0 ----- TeamDeathMatch0 ----- TeamDeathMatchC0
Carrier // sp_jet SquadDeathMatch0 ----- SquadRush0 ----- TeamDeathMatch0 ----- TeamDeathMatchC0 ----- GunMaster0 ----- Domination0
Aygan Village // coop_006 ConquestSmall0 ----- SquadRush0 ----- TeamDeathMatch0 ----- TeamDeathMatchC0 ----- RushLarge0 ----- TankSuperiority0 ----- SquadDeathMatch0 ----- GunMaster0
Hit and Run // coop_002 SquadRush0 ----- TeamDeathMatchC0 ----- SquadDeathMatch0 ----- GunMaster0 ----- Domination0 ----- CaptureTheFlag0
The Eleventh Hour // coop_010 SquadRush0

Things to know

Coop_006 TankSuperiority0 is a custom game mode called King of The Hill, in this mode infantry will fight for one flag to conquer.


XP3_Alborz Domination0 OOB fixed.
sp_valley SquadDeathMatch0 client and server crash fixed (there was no STDM logic in there at all, thats why it crashed)
coop_006 TeamDeathMatchC0 fixed, there was a code error so it didn’t check TDMC but just normal TDM.

Update 2:

Now SP and Coop maps have End of Round scoreboard.

Update 3:

Fix client crash on round switch thanks to janssent.

PD: CustomLevelLoader is currently broken with the current version of VU, so the client will crash on round switch until a fix is provided.


Hi keku645,

Great Mod!! Thank you.

However came across a few issues. Tried on both VU 18476 & the latest VU devBranch 18848 (server & client). Lots of dropping the client between map changes while on 18476 but these disappeared under 18848. Only ran your CustomLevelLoader & All gamemodes mods.

No score board at the end of round.

Cannot move players between teams, but can move them between squads within the team (using Procon).

XP3_Alborz Domination0 - the initial Russian spawn is OOB. You die on the first spawn because you can’t move, but you can run forward on the second spawn out of the OOB. US spawn is ok. The map works perfectly apart from that.

sp_valley SquadDeathMatch0 - server & client hang before it finishes loading the level. Seems stuck on “Adding Shield Registry”. Could not get this level to start.

coop_006 TeamDeathMatchC0 - initial Russian spawn is underground but you can “swim” up but you are restricted to bare mountains. Initial US spawn is also underground but also OOB & you can’t get out.

coop_010 SquadRush0 - works perfectly but the gameplay of the map is so bad. We could not work a way for the attackers to get to the M-Com station. A couple of machine gunners on the platform & in the train would stop all attackers as they came out onto the platform into a very nasty chokepoint.

We had a solid run checking out the maps last night and everyone liked them, although coop_002 was the exception being a night map with convoluted areas, but it worked well enough.

Thanks again for the mod.

Awesome, thanks for try it out, i’ll fix these issues and update the mod again.

And yes, coop_010 is the one map that I’m not fully happy with because is extremely linear, maybe as TDM or Gunmaster on the outside area could work better.


XP3_Alborz Domination0 OOB fixed.
sp_valley SquadDeathMatch0 client and server crash fixed (there was no STDM logic in there at all, thats why it crashed)
coop_006 TeamDeathMatchC0 fixed, there was a code error so it didn’t check TDMC but just normal TDM.

Thanks for the quick response.

Couple of more small issues.

coop_006 TankSuperiority0 doesn’t spawn any vehicles. Vehicles spawn ok in other maps.

If your Vu-Loading-extended mod is listed in ModList.txt after CustomLevelLoader & All Gamemodes mods it works perfectly. If Vu-Loading -extended is listed before the other two, it retains the name of the previous map when transitioning to the next map, the graphic & game mode are correct for the new map. This only occurs if transitioning from one of your custom maps, it is ok transitioning from a stock map even with one of your custom game modes.

coop_006 TankSuperiority0 it is indeed set as that, no vehicles, is a Custom Mode called King of the Hill, infantry only, but for some reason mode’s name doesn’t update most of the times.

Didn’t know about that positioning the mod list in X way could affect it.

Ah, we were going to have a run using it infantry only so that works.

Yeah, I just updated the post letting it know.

Update 2:

Now SP and Coop maps have End of Round scoreboard.

Update 3:

Fix client crash on round switch thanks to janssent.

Hi, I know you do not support this mod anymore, but maybe someone smarter than me has solved this problem. We mostly play GunMaster. On most maps the OOB seems to be wrong, e.g. for Bazaar one of the squares is not accessible and in Teheran the highway itself is OOB. Also the bots spawn outside the OOB. Essentially making the GunMaster/bots mode unplayable.
I have gone through the setup several times and think everything is OK. I have my doubts about the high-res setting. It is there, but I cannot verify that it works.
Looking into the LUA scripts, that seems to be way above my head.
Anyone have similar results, or even an suggestion for a direction for solving this.

To make bots compatible with this mod you’ll have to either make your own paths for them or ask on the bot discord server to someone willing to make paths for such gamemodes.

About the OOB i’ll take a fast look but everything should be fine.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll have a look at paths.