Allow spectators in my server


i want to enable spectators on my server.
I have the command vars.maxSpectators 4 and vars.maxPlayers 60 in my startup.txt.
But when i try to join as spectator to my server, i got this message:

Can somebody help? thx

What worked for me was by installing this little ‘ingame-spec’ mod from Github. Mind, for any server running fun-bots, I tried this with fun-bots installed and the bots did not spawn in because no player, only a spectator, was connected.

You’re gonna have to first download the files seperately, and create the ‘ingame-spec’, ‘ext’ and ‘Client’ folders accordingly, within your Mods folder plus add it to your ModList.txt for it to load.

This is the only way I got it to work. But it’s best for public servers which has human players connected to it. Cheers!