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AntiAirBots - Bots that shoot down enemy aircraft

Bots that fire at any Air Vehicle that is being controlled by an enemy player. The bots can reliably hit a target that has a linear trajectory and constant speed.

This mod registers 2 console commands:

antiairbots.spawnBot [team] [x] [y] [z]
antiairbots.spawnBot Team1 -708.185242 142.768356 285.597321

spawns an AntiAirBot, the bot will be spawned at your current position if you don’t specify x, y and z

antiairbots.spawnTargets [count] [team] [x] [y] [z]
antiairbots.spawnTargets 3 Team2 -708.185242 332.768356 285.597321

spawns test Targets, test Targets will be automatically destroyed after 60 seconds

You can configure various parameters by editing the ext/shared/Config.lua file.


  • doesn’t work for MAV
  • projectile gravity needs to be 0

Known Issues

  • server crashes after the end of the match when loading a new level
  • multiple players in the same Vehicle are considered as multiple different targets
  • spawnTargets Command only works on Maps/Modes that load the F18 Blueprint

Download (10.7 KB)