Are my servers banned?


maybe I get an answer. I have hosted Bad Company 2 servers for a quite long time now and wondered why nobody seems to play on them anymore. I noticed that they do not connect to the plasma backend anymore. I haven’t changed anything on my side, there is no blocked port / ip which could cause this. Hence other game servers are working fine.

Servers are named “”. Is there any way to get contact to an admin to check for that?

[UTC 03/05/2024 19:42:41.372] Engine/Game/Server/Backend/Plasma/ServerBackend.cpp(2004): “Main”: Warning: ServerBackend::OnConnectionFail(-201)
[UTC 03/05/2024 19:42:41.372] Engine/Game/Server/Backend/Plasma/ServerBackend.cpp(1789): “Main”: Info: ServerBackend::disconnect() called
[UTC 03/05/2024 19:42:41.372] Engine/Game/Server/Backend/Plasma/ServerBackend.cpp(1814): “Main”: Info: ServerBackend::onDisconnect() called
[UTC 03/05/2024 19:42:41.372] Engine/Game/Server/Backend/Plasma/ServerBackend.cpp(1815): “Main”: Info: Server is disconnected from Plasma backend

Weird thing also is that the serverid.dat was empty. I have uploaded a correct one again. Did change nothing. Also updated the dinput8.dll (which seems to be latest updated in 2014) but still no luck.

Edit: server is not IP banned. It at first glance seemd so. Will keep you updated once I sorted everything out :slight_smile: