Battlefield 3 Alpha Mod (Developers Needed)

Hello everyone,

Since 2012 I am trying to bring BF3 alpha back (Battlefield 3 Closed Alpha had many features that got deleted).

It had special sounds, animations (Stabbing animations were much cooler, longer but got deleted), Graphics (Different destruction) and more.

For all the detailed summarized information and videos about the alpha features, you are able to visit the platoon I opened back in 2012:

Let me know what is needed to create and who is interested in taking part of this project.

I welcome you to comment even if you are not going to develop this Alpha mod but also if you are interested in playing this mod and join us for the progress.

Thank you all in advance for reading so far, I would love to make this Mod come true, Feel free to share your opinions.

Best Regards, Liran, A.K.A. ForEverY0ung.


I wish I knew anything about game development. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Apparently the alpha mod already exists, You can find the links here:

Yeah we have had a games night already on the alpha and beta branch. The netcode is quite bad versus even BF3 launch (which is still bad but better than alpha/beta). It is good fun.