Based on the Advanced-Chat mod BetterIngameChat is a replacement for the default chat window.


  • Responsive layout

  • Color represented channels (heavily inspired by the Reality Mod’s chat UI design)

    • All = Orange (enemy), Blue (teammate), Lime (squadmate)
    • Team = Blue
    • Squad = Lime
    • SquadLeader = Teal
    • DirectMessage = Purple
    • Admin = Pink
  • Direct Messages

    • Press Shift + Chatkey, search for the player’s name, Tab or select his name from the dropdown, type in the message and send.
  • Name highlighter

    • If you send a message that contains @PlayerNameHere, thier name will get highlighted for them.
  • Spectator chat support

  • End of round chat support

  • Squad Leader channel support - Shift + AllChatkey

  • Admin support (requires gameAdmin to track if they are admin)

    • Ctrl + AllChatkey - Admin message to all channel
    • Ctrl + TeamChatkey - Anonymus admin message to all channel
    • Ctrl + SquadChatkey - Admin direct mesage to a player
  • (SOON™) Emoji support like: :pog:


Big thanks to the original crators of the Advanced-Chat mod:

Download (2.2 MB)


  • Version 1.0.1
    • adjusted chatbox size and font-size
    • fixed big scrollbar bug



Simply awesome. Many thanks for your continued work. :slight_smile:


What a huge improvement, also much more stylish :heart_eyes:

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Many thanks for creating it, our players also seem to like it alot!
2 things which might be worth mentioning;

  • the chat doesnt seem to recognize Öö,Ää,Üü correctly
  • a scaling option beside/inside the config would be a blessing :slight_smile:
    Cheers, have a good day!

Updated to 1.0.1

  • adjusted chatbox size and font-size
  • fixed big scrollbar bug

Always imagined this in bf3! Tks!

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I have already seen your awesome work ingame,thanks for making this.
This change might seem small,but it makes chat so much more readable and people in the server were actually having conversations(rather than the usuall “this guy is a n00b hacker” spam than goes on in most bf3 server chats in vanila)


Yeah we definitely need more of those QoL mods

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A config setting to choose the colours for yourself would be awesome?

Updated to 1.0.2

  • Limit the number of messages to 50