BF3 items, weapons... images from Battlelog

here are BF3 png images of weapons, items, perks, dogtags, maps, vehicles if you maybe need…
BF3 (1.9 MB)


Very nice , thanks for sharing !


Hi! How could i get same pictures of the better quality? Is it possible? These are so small… Thanks!

I think you can’t find bigger pictures, I downloaded those directly from BF3 Battlelog with a script and those are the biggest pictures on site.

Sorry for waiting for a response, I wasn’t on pc for few days.

Thanks for your answer anyway. Stay healthy, stay alive.

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Actually, you can get the perks 147px x 88px images if you go at your loadout and you can get even bigger dogtags if you enable them on you player.

Thanks for getting them in one pack!

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