BFLAG - Gamemode for Grand Bazaar


A competitive gamemode that already exists.

There is already a small playerbase that plays this gamemode in BF3 since many years. Mostly on unrated, passwordprotected servers. But to play it you have to know the rules. This mod simplifies it pretty much by removing the other flags and adjusting the out of bound areas.

Here a list of all changes this mod does:

  • Autocapture A and C flag
  • Removed the US and RU Base
  • Adjusted the Out of Bound Areas
  • Removed the yellow boxes
  • Fixed revive bug between US Base and B
  • Fixed stucking bug behind papers on B, next to the closed door
  • Adjusted RPM of AN94 from 1200 to 800
  • Removed all flagpoles
  • Fixed flag progress stuttering above 100 fps
  • Adjusted size of flag icons
  • Adjusted drawing distance of flag icons
  • Fixed chat lag

Additional to this mod you should use the AdvancedRCON mod to modify the loadout.

Download (5.8 KB)

You can find the source code here:


The best mod already, can’t wait to check it out!


Updated to 1.1.0

  • enabled hipfire fix again
  • fixed invisible floor bug
  • removed bflag tag from mod.json
  • changed Gamemode name to ‘BFLAG’

played it, love it.
Specialy the way u relocated the red zones was impressive !

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thank you @spatieman

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Question, is it hard to customize a redzone area , or decrease it ?
or did u use the mapeditor for it ?

Here you go:

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This looks awesome! I thought the addition of flanking routes would have made this better. But I suppose that is dependent on player count. I look forward to playing it!

Flanks are not working in BFLAG, u will run long time to die in few seconds. :smile:

Also we trying to make community so if u are up to play u can add me on battlelog and join DC:

great tutorial, wil cost me few hours to read, but i think it is worth it !

I manage to find the proper guid for the map i want to edit flags.
But getting the correct components is hard, even that i have a flag remove script for kiasar railroad as template to compare.

Updated to 1.2.0

  • using A and C as bases and remove the vanilla US/RU bases
  • revert aimglitch fix and eurohipfire fix (use the standalone mod instead)
  • removing all flagpoles instead of moving them, so spawns will be the same as in vanilla and the preview cameras stay the same
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