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Bots, Matches and Jerks on the Lobbies

Hi there… first just wanted to congratulate you guys… the entire VU crew for doin’ this great mod servers that… mustn’t be any easy to do… like we all know, every aspect from Battlefield games is complicated as hell…

Anyway, just wanted to let you know about something that happened to me a few days ago… I like the bot matches option in your servers because I’m not very good at the game and to be honest, I’m not willing to spend several hours of my life getting good at something that for me is nothing but a hobby… something that Tryhards, Nerds and Sweaties either don’t understand or they just don’t give a damn about it.

Those BF veterans love to crush noobs and rookies on every single match they play… and hey… if they’re good… great but, what I cannot stand is that those pricks get into Bot lobbies, where we the rookies go to chill and have some sweat-free fun, then they switch team and start to beat the hell out of us… I mean… if they’re already that good, why don’t they just get to real players lobbies, instead of ruining the fun for some of us?

That’s what I wanted to tell ya, fellas… It’s very simple: just remove the option of switching teams in matches… that way, one team will be players only and the other one bots only… And if u want some names, here u got some: kdjac and ACi_Deadbolt (I killed this prick like 3 times… not so cool what he did).