Cannot load any config file or mod into my server

Hey y’all!

I’m new here, i am trying to setup my own server using a VM. I have installed the VU server following the guide, i am able to see my server into VU Servers list and i am able to connect to it.

Unfortunately, when i try to add some info into MapList.txt or Startup.txt, i do not see any change into the VU Server console. Also, i cannot connect using ProCon to the server (VM Antivirus and Firewall are both disabled).

Same for the Mods folder, if i add the file and i type the mod name into ModList.txt file and i reload the server, nothing change

Am i missing something?


Guessing that you run the server on your PC. Be sure to edit right files.
Default server path files configuration for vu is

%UserProfile%\Documents\Battlefield 3\Server\Admin

Make sure edit files and save it before start the server.

For PRoCon try to add argument when launching the server (this is default port)



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No, the server is running on a dedicated VM in VMware, it’s a Virtual Machine with no graphics card. I have only installed Origin and Battlefield 3 Premium.

To be honest, i have resolved my issue while i was writing you the out of my DIR command :smiley:

Directory of C:\Users\adminbf3\Documents\Battlefield 3\Server\Admin

21/08/2022 11:32 0 BanList.txt
21/08/2022 11:28 94 MapList.txt.txt
21/08/2022 11:30 14 ModList.txt.txt
21/08/2022 11:30 Mods
21/08/2022 11:31 104 Startup.txt.txt

Files were saved as “.txt.txt” because extension format was hidden in windows settings :rage:

I’ve changed the extension and i’m now able to manage map rotation, server password, server name, mods etc.

Also, i can use PROCon since files are correctly configured now

Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile: