Cant get project Rome working


So the battefield bad company2 support ended from EA , and i allready knew there is this project rome which they say enables playing the game online . Only problem is, it wont work …for me anyway.

I think that i did everything this page says : Project Rome - Experience Battlefield: Bad Company 2 like never before!

I downloaded the file…unzipped it to : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ Battlefield bad company 2 . I have steam version.

I created account…the one i also use or writing to here.

When i try to go play the game…i launch it with steam as i have allways do …it opens the game…then the multiplayer tab or login…then it`s just hang there and cant connect to anywhere…it wont work.

In the page where it says this:

  1. Run the game and use the account you created to log in.

I dont see there is any place or tab in the game itself where you could change the account…at least not when cant login ?

When i go to my account in Venice Unleashed…it says this :

Origin link status
Not linked


Associated licenses

No licenses are currently associated with your account.

Help me out!


Ok i got this sorted out and it works now , the file was in wrong location …

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