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Can't play B2K since installing VU Mod

Hello guys, I am experiencing a strange problem since installing VU. Everytime I try to join a Server on normal Batllelog, which has B2K Maps, it pops up a window stating, that I need that DLC. But since I played BF3 Premium for many years now and also have B2K shown as “unlocked” in my Origin it is kinda annoying. Can anyone help??

It’s just a coincidence that it has happened since installing VU, it’s nothing to do with VU. It’s a known EA issue that happens seemingly randomly and repeatedly. You need to contact EA support and have them sort it out on your account.

There’s a 42 page thread on it over at EA Answers:

I’ve had it happen to me 3 or 4 times since BF 3 was originally released (and I had Premium). Each time I’ve had to contact EA, they do something to my account and it works again. For about 6 months to a year.

Last time it happened I was sick of having to contact them all the time to get it sorted so I bought the B2K DLC separately and it hasn’t happened since.