Carrier Assault Gamemode

Download from my github, and always read the label first.

Carrier Assault game mode for Venice Unleashed

**Credits to: ** dunem MajorVictory87 Bree_Arnold for combination of code and help



Map must be set to MP_017 ConquestLarge0

CustomLevel AND MapLoader Mods (To load the custom map included)

  • Install the CustomLevel Mod to your server and then copy and paste the testpreset.lua into the custom level folder

Day-Night Mod (Optional, but highly recommended)

  • This brings the experience to life and you can see all the new lighting and explosion effects

Carrier Assault Mod Yes… This mod…

Startup.txt contents are required vars.serverName “Your server name” vars.friendlyFire false vu.ColorCorrectionEnabled false vars.maxPlayers 64 vu.DesertingAllowed false vu.DestructionEnabled true vu.FrequencyMode regular vu.ServerBanner your banner url vars.killCam true vu.SquadSize 8 vars.playerRespawnTime 5 vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 5 vars.serverDescription “your description” vars.autoBalance true

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Hi, where can we get the CustomLevel AND MapLoader Mods?

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Don’t know if I got the right versions, but got the customlevel and maploader mods from this github repo . My local server is crashing when trying to start with the 3 mods. I’ve set it with the instructions mentioned in the readme. I get this crash id: 5342bc7e-5c69-4338-8cc7-0c3c4af948bf

added links to the main thread

try the customlevel mod from Powback, it works fine

I too am getting the same crashing!

I have the exact customlevel and Maploader from your links (the same i use fine with any other mods) and only have them and your mod enabled in modlist. the correct startup and maplist and just get instant crash on boot.

heres the crash report

Crash ID: a17e8a08-b44c-4488-b384-3cb06fe73086
Build Number: 17487
Release Branch: prod

shame as I would really like to test this out