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Chaos - Randomization mod


Chaos mod contains a lot of small events that happen over time.
You can see some of the events in this video:


  1. Download
  2. Go to your Admin/Mods folder
  3. Create folder called chaos
  4. Unzip all files from archive into chaos folder
  5. Add chaos in ModList.txt file

Current event list

  • Random Weapons - gives all players random set of weapons
  • Super Jump - makes jump height bigger
  • Halo Jump - all players spawning in the sky
  • Ultra C4 - C4 with enhanced damage range
  • Ultra AEK - AEK shots rockets
  • P90 Saiga - P90 shots 12G
  • Mix Players - Players positions are mixed
  • Wallhack - Enables wallhack for all players
  • Low Gravity - Low gravity for all players
  • Long Knife - Knife distance is enhanced
  • DVD Screensaver - You can see the game only through the small box moving on the screen, everything else is hidden
  • M240 Bigger mag - Magazine for M240 now contains 4000 bullets
  • High mouse sensitivity - Increased mouse sensitivity for all player

Download (13.1 KB)


Cool !!
but question, is modding this mod allowed ???
with original credits untouched.

Of course. You can fork repository on github and modify it as you wish.

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thank u…
i only wonder why the AEK can shoot the RPG ,i tried modding the M240, but with no information about guid’s and other weapon codes its hard to debug.

Use this page to get GUID’s

Perfect !
more info to grind in to my litle brain ! thnxs!!