Co-op Missions

Is there any one who like me loves coop missions, however BF3’'s fantastic missions are all but dead. Extremely rare to get Matched publicly. Then 90 percent of my ORIGIN freinds dont have BF3 installed, and have no interest in installing it to play the coop.

Anyone out there working on a mod to make it possible to play SP? Is there interest? Is it possible?

I loved them too, but it’s been 7 years, or something, since I last played them. I don’t think it would be nearly as fun with bots, specially the helicopter mission (my favourite), forgot what it’s called…
Even MP maps with bots is missing the “human suprise” element but I’ll take it anyday rather than searching a server that is not filled with cheaters or players who never stopped playing BF3 with I have zero chance to survive more than ~20 secs.

If you find a way to play those coops with bots, let me know.

I just made a new server. 120Hz. Plan to run like 10 maps or so and have some essential addons. Nothing crazy. I want it to be a simple chill-and-kill sort of server. I’ll deal with any cheaters and whatnot.

Just need help to advertise it and get like-minded people who just want a good time.

If you care, I called the server SimpleLifeBF
Feel free to check it out (literally just made it today); don’t expect people on, but if you want to try and help get people on, that’d be awesome