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Connection Failed server on local network

I am trying to setup a VU dedicated server on an Ubuntu 20 machine on my local network. This device is in the same subnet and is correctly portforwarded. My friend was able to join successfully externally but I cannot from my local network.


I saw a similar issue in another post but it was about VMs or different subnets. This VU instance is not running under a VM, just the plain Ubuntu Server 20.04 system ( installed following the steps for Linux. I am trying to connect from my Windows machine (192.168.0.x) on the same subnet. Do I need to fiddle with MAC on the ubuntu system even though it isn’t a VM? What do I need to do to connect?

Are you able to reach that machine via ping? May be a issue with firewall accepting only connections from your router.

Yes, I have other services (like a minecraft and terraria server and other services that have web interfaces) running on that server that I can connect to just fine locally using both the hostname and local IP ( I also ssh into the server just fine too.

However, it does seem that when SSHd into the server, I cannot ping my Windows machine.

I was able to fix pinging my Windows device from the server by changing the firewall on my Windows device.


However, this did not seem to fix my issue trying to join the VU instance. I still receive the Connection Failed message.

HI! I had the same problem but on windows. Fix this problem by setting up my router. Sorry, but unfortunately the interface of my router only supports russian language (it’s weird).

I hadn’t noticed it before but it seems like my server has two ip addresses. I can ping both so not sure if it is the cause of this issue but certainly isn’t right. Potentially relevant that I also have pihole installed on the server.


It turns out that the dual ip address was the issue. This was the solution that helped me after disabling and stopping dhcpcd then deleting the secondary address 108.

I can now successfully connect to my VU server locally.