Conquest Dirtbikes!

Conquest Dirtbikes! [CQ-Dirtbikes]

A VU Mod to add Dirtbikes to the Conquest maps!

Release 1.0.0

This MOD is now working with the 24 Conquest Maps listed here (both small and large versions):

  • Grand Bazaar

  • Noshahr Canals

  • Teheran Highway

  • Caspian Border

  • Seine Crossing

  • Operation Firestorm

  • Damavand Peak

  • Kharg Island

  • Strike at Karkand (Conquest Assault)

  • Gulf of Oman (Conquest Assault)

  • Sharqi Peninsula (Conquest Assault)

  • Wake Island (Conquest Assault)

  • Bandar Desert

  • Alborz Mountains

  • Armored Shield

  • Death Valley

  • Markaz Monolith

  • Azadi Palace

  • Epicenter

  • Talah Market

  • Operation Riverside

  • Nebandan Flats

  • Kiasar Railroad

  • Sabalan Pipeline

What does the MOD actually do?

The MOD recognises when one of the above Conquest maps are loaded on the server and will then:

  • Spawn 4 Dirtbikes at each teams deployment or near to it (see Notes) for levels that had no Dirtbikes previously.

  • Spawn 1 to 2 Dirtbikes (depending on level/game mode size) at each teams deployment for levels that already had some Dirtbikes previously.


  • The Close Quarters Conquest Domnination maps are excluded, they are too small to have Dirtbikes running around.

  • Operation Metro Conquest Maps are excluded - the level is just not appropriate for having Dirtbikes on.

  • On the Noshahr Canals levels the US teams Dirtbikes are spawned at one of the flags near their deployment.

  • On the maps using Conquest Assault the Defending teams Dirtbikes are spawned at one of the flags further away from the attacking teams deployment.


No configuration is needed. Just extract this zip file to your servers Mods folder. (39.6 KB)

Have a look at it on GitHub:


Thanks for the mod. I gave it a try but got an error “Could not find Dirtbike blueprint: Vehciles/XP5/KLR650/KLR650”

no dirtbikes appeared obviously. I do have BF3 premium with all the expansion packs installed.


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I just tested it again for myself and it’s working fine for me. If you can give me more information then I can check it further. Which map were you trying it on and was it large or small conquest?