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ConsoleWeapons - Console commands to equip weapons and attachments


Equip weapons and their attachments through console commands. All weapons that get loaded can be equipped. Any weapons in singleplayer or coop bundles that are loaded will also be available.


This mod registers 3 console commands:

consoleweapons.equip <weapon/gadget> [weaponSlot] [attachment] [attachment]...

Equip a weapon/gadget in a weaponSlot (0 - 9) with attachments. Defaults to current slot.

consoleweapons.list [weapons|gadgets]

List all available weapons, gadgets or everything.

consoleweapons.listAttachments <weapon>

List available attachments for a weapon.


The latest version can be found here: (4.6 KB)

You can also find it on Github:


I seem to be having some trouble spawning weapons with the attachments I want. The M4A1 for example will spawn with empty rails. But this gives me a usage error:
consoleweapons.equip M4A1 [1] [eotech]
What am I doing wrong?

Can you add a Machete knife? Utilized by Dimitri Mayakovsky in Singleplayer :smiley: (google translate)

You can use the machete if you run this mod also: (3.9 KB)

You need to open the mod script and edit the values for the machete. They are written as a comment in the same script. I can’t edit it now because I am on my phone

Thank you for your reply, look forward to your modification XD

can i equip a default M9 knife?