Crashing/no error code

For time frame context this started right around the release of Reality Mod, though I dont think its the mod, as it crashes randomly. Sometimes on loading, sometimes when sorting servers. This is not to say one of the mods, BOTS, RM, Zombies didnt corrupt my install (VU). As my Root BF3 install is fine, If I load a vanilla game through battlelog, issue is not there. So I’m Operating under the assumption install Is fine.
We can Rule out Hardware/Specs. Im Running a Enthusiast Tier RIg, 12 core cpu, 32 gigs ram, RTX 3080ti, Game is housed on a SSD… so not that. I have great Internet , not that. I did experience in past getting boot from server due to Large Lag Spikes, this aint that. I’m not sure what to look at next, other than Deep uninstall of VU and rooting through Registry for the leftovers, and trying to install again, this is a pain in ass so Wanted to see if this is Common, or at least known. Or is this my Impecable luck with VU, melting away to shit…? lol
Oh, last mention is the crash reporter does launch, however, where it says Error Code: Instead of code is says Code Pending… Not good for my confidence as I assume No Code means Rare/New/Fluke of an Issue.
Any insight, or instructions, News on issue would be great. I dont want to play Vanilla lol . Thank you Gentleman, hope to see Yiz in the field…

Had some of these issues also with the top hardware etc.
Found more stability after looking at the dump ,and copying the venice unleashed folder
from the app data install to e.g the downloads folder and running it from there.
No problems,looks like something to do with windows access controls.