Custom Gunfight map - Stack, Docks and King

Here is a Custom map I made for the Gunfight Mode made by Tim128/Darude

It is based on the Gunfight maps Stack, Docks and King from COD MW 2019.




This mod only includes the map file for CustomLevel, equipment and map files for Gunfight and startup and Modlist files.

The Gunfight Loadouts have a Huge list of guns (pretty much every gun and attachment except underbarrel attachments)

the file structure is in the zip file so install the needed mods first then drag and drop the admin folder to overwrite.

Startup.txt file should have the following parameters:

vars.roundStartPlayerCount 32  (so the round never starts)
vars.maxPlayers 14
vars.nameTag false
vars.idleTimeout 0 (or a set a limit but waiting in lobby will kick the player)

Maplist.txt file needs TDM on Gulf of Oman:

XP1_002 TeamDeathMatch0 1

The needed mods are:




Mods I like to use with this map are the following

fortnite-hit-effects (although I changed the font, font size and sound effects)

The maps look quite nice with the Darkness-Unleashed with Night and Bright_Night modes.

Shouts to Tim128/Darude for the Awesome Gunfight mod and all the guys in the discord for the the mods being created and help! :slight_smile:

Any questions feel free to ask!

Download here (128.3 KB)


Looks real nice, well done!!

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thanks for sharing, great maps and fun mode.

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HI, anyway I can test this map by myself? It keeps me at the lobby. Maybe using it with the fun bots mod? Cheers

I have not tried fun-bots but you can get it to work with just yourself in the match.

if you goto GunfIght/ext/server/gunfight/match.lua and edit the values about line 85

if GetCount(self.players) == Match.TEAMS * then

if GetCount(self.players) == 1 then

you will be entered into the match on your own but no one else can join after, so put it all back to play normally.

also if you have 1 friend you can change the amount of players per team in the GunfIght/ext/shared/maps.lua file

change teamSize = 2 to teamSize = 1 then you and a friend can test 1v1

hope this helps

Hello, I found that this module seems to fail