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Custom Map - Fuel Depot

EDIT: map has been updated, a few things here and there and now there are no crashes when the next map is loaded, but if the same map reloads there will be a client crash but you can rejoin :slight_smile:

Here is a Custom Conquest map I like to call Fuel Depot.

It is to be played on Kharg Island - Conquest Large

Huge thanks to Janssent and everyone in the VU Discord for all the help!

Included is the FuelDepot mod, testpreset.lua for CustomLevel mod, ui.vuic for VU-Loading and startup and Modlist files.

The following mods are included:

  • FuelDepot
  • FuelDepotCustomLevel
  • FuelDepotMapLoader

These mods are recommended:

  • VU-Loading β€” (I have included the ui.vuic file for this mod to get the pictures and gamemode come up in loading screen)
  • Betterchat
  • Tweaked-UI
  • Killfeed-2.0

The zip file contains structured folders, so install needed mods first then drag, drop and overwrite.

There may be some issues with spawning out of bounds, but fixes may come in the future

Any Questions just ask!

Download here: (4.2 MB)


this looks fantastic !

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So good and funny map thank’s you

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Best map!!! Love it.