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Day & Night - Live change level's lighting during the game

Day & Night

Live change levels lighting during the game to simulate day and night.


In battlefield games we experience a environment that changes though destruction. This mod improves this environment change by also introducing level’s lightning change and simulating a day-night cycle.


You may change the mod’s settings by editing the ext\shared\ticks.lua file. Available options to tweak:

  • Duration of a full day (default 15 minutes)
  • Environment update interval on client (default every 1 second)
  • Server synchronization message broadcast interval (default every 10 second)
  • Starting hour (default 12am)
  • Randomize starting hour (default false)
  • Reset datetime on each level (default true)
  • Show days on UI indicator (default true)
  • Show day period (e.g. Morning) on UI indicator (default true)


Check our GitHub for the latest updates.


The mod was developed by DarkThanos & GreatApo
This was inspired by the Night Time mod by Reirei.


for what server thickrate is this made ?
my server is set to 60hz ,and after 28 simulated days i notice a slight change in daylight.
further i notice that sometimes there is a hickup in day and night lightning.
didnt tweaked the tick ,but on sertain maps this is cool.

–update -
i changed the 24/60 in 20, now it acts normal.

The hz rate of the server shouldn’t make a difference. The default tick of 24/60 is just for preview as the day moves 1h per second and you can clearly see the difference between the lighting.

Changing it to 10mins or 20mins (as you did) smooths the change and the lighting changes slowly.

I saw that there was a server with a mod named day-night-circle that also moved the sun, maybe if you combine the 2 of them the results will be awesome.

not that good in modding, but revamping a mod is more my thing.
litle bug perhaps, on caspian border RU side has a blueish view and us more a pink view

Version 0.3 Change log:

  • UI improvements (color and show/hide behavior)
  • Server message if new version is released

I <3 this idea! BUT…
When I added it to my rented server (with the VU blue tint removal as well) it ran fine in pregame (waiting for players to start) mode, but when someone joined and the match started, we both ran into some odd color glitches - most notably a painting of yellow accross all distant objects, and at one point a lack of indoor lighting that the other player swore he could see, which I could not. Not wanting to lose out on the blue-tint-removal, I removed the day-night from my modlist.txt and restarted… color issues went away.
So my question is: How much color correction actually takes place in this mod? Does it already eliminate the blue tint on its own?
Thanks again for your hard work! I hope I can use both mods soon!

The mod hasn’t been tested in extend outside of the pregame round. We are working on improving it however it seems that we are now limited by the current supported API of VU (example). I have found a way to overcome this problem however it is quite heavy in terms of performance…

There is a new stable version coming out soon. Feel free to test it (get it on GitHub).


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Wow, amazing!!! Is it available for every single map, and how well does it run with joe fun bots mod?

The code is dynamic so it works on every map. That been said, feel free to report back if there is any problem with the current dev version.

In general, there should be no problem using that along with any other mod.

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Thank you, awesome news :slight_smile: