Dirtbike Racing


Race other players on various tracks for the fastest time.

Rounds end when one player finishes a track after six minutes have passed.
Time is tracked per player after they reach the first checkpoint, so long loading times or joining in progress is not an issue.

Regular combat has been disabled as players cannot leave their vehicles.


racing.zip (86.8 KB)

Server Configuration


# Spawning on squad members leads to all sorts of issues, so disable that
vu.SquadSize 1

# Recommended but not required
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 1
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 1

# Not strictly necessary, but why not
vars.3pCam true

Recommended MapList.txt (feel free to change the order):

MP_007 TeamDeathMatch0 1
XP5_003 TeamDeathMatch0 1
XP3_Alborz TeamDeathMatch0 1
MP_017 TeamDeathMatch0 1
MP_018 TeamDeathMatch0 1
MP_011 TeamDeathMatch0 1
MP_013 TeamDeathMatch0 1
XP5_004 TeamDeathMatch0 1

Other maps or gamemodes will probably break or even crash so stick to these. :slight_smile:


Super rough when it comes to ending rounds. (It’s more fun when you have an admin cycling maps via RCON, really)
I’m pretty much done with this mod, won’t spend a whole lot more time on it.

Doesn’t use BundleMounter but probably should. I’ll gladly accept pull requests for that as well as additional tracks.
Feel free to fork and make your own changes (just link back to this topic or the repository).


I’ve just updated the mod to version 1.0.1 which should fix some very annoying issues with the scoreboard getting permanently stuck on screen.

You also absolutely need to set vu.SquadSize 1 on the server so people can’t spawn on squad members.

Some folks managed to sneak in the dirtbike’s passenger seat and fire rockets. Unfortunately that’s now also fixed. :slight_smile:

Download in the post above is updated, or grab it from GitHub:


Played this Game mode. Unfortunately the server was empty. While playing got this idea about a death race where the passenger can shoot, but only LVG, and no crosshair, and maybe throw granades. The round can be won by finishing the race or by eliminating other players. Can be done on jeep or bike or quad bike. Dead players would now spawn on foot somewhere near the track but not so close, with pistols or shotguns and try to ruin and the kill the remaining racers. If all racers die then the winner will be the one with max kills or max points. Points can be gained by crossing a checkpoint. Passenger and driver can switch next round or there will be a switch checkpoint, or if the driver dies then passenger switches to driver . Players have to cross the first checkpoint before the killing can start.