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Elemental Fight - Weapons and soldiers variations


A mod that adds elemental variations of the game weapons and soldiers. The damage is calculated based on the elements of the giver weapon and the receiver soldier. Elements can be stronger or weaker against other elements, that can cause more or less damage, adding complexity to the combat of the game.


The logic of the gamemode is very simple, when spawning the player will receive a kit that replaces their current weapons and soldier with the respective elemental variations. You will want to seek for weaker elements to get easy kills and run from stronger elements that can cause a lot of damage to you. The elemental-mode has configurations that allows server owners to manipulate how elements are applied to the players.


The configuration file used by elemental-mode can be found at elemental-mode/ext/shared/mode-config.lua. That’s a text plain file, you can use any text editor to change its contents.


Parameter used to select the element applied to player on respawn, you can change this variable number to:

  1. Class: each soldier class has its element.
  2. Squad: members of each squad have the same element.
  3. Sequential: iterate over all the elements.
  4. Random: randomly selected element.


Determines how the element selected by the player on the UI is used, you can change this variable number to:

  1. None: disables element selection UI.
  2. Primary: element is applied to the player weapons and soldier.
  3. Secondary: element is applied only to the secondary weapon.


With the game engine limitations implementing custom vehicles was only possibly through workarounds, at the moment is not possible to add element based damage multipliers, spawning limits and vehicle deserting. Because of its unreliable behavior, custom vehicles are disabled by default, to enable it you can change the variable vehicles value to true on the configuration file located at elemental-fight/ext/shared/elemental-config.lua. Customization is applied when the player enters a vehicle.


Elemental-fight is the base mod that creates the weapons, soldiers and appearances, and also deals with the soldier damage logic. Changing and adding elements can be done by editing the configuration file located at elemental-fight/ext/shared/elemental-config.lua.

  • Colors: vectors used to change visual effect colors.
  • Effects: partition and instance guids of the effects used on bullet impacts.
  • Damages: multipliers applied to soldier damage based on the elements interaction.


Some information that helps you to start using this mod:


  • Using this with other mods can cause instability.
  • Client and server will hang for a few seconds when loading maps.


  1. Download elemental-fight and elemental-mode.
  2. Extract the downloaded files to the mods folder.
  3. Add elemental-fight and elemental-mode to ModList.txt.


Latest versions with compiled ui: (38.8 KB) (5.5 KB)

Source code is available at:


Wow, this looks cool!

mod very interesting

Seems pretty cool, i wanna try it in game.
Great job with the effects and the “recoloring” of the soldiers.

Version 1.0.1

  • Added support for DLC maps.
  • Aftermath DLC soldier appearances.
  • Proper handling for Gun Master kits.
  • Enhanced reliability and stability.
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Version 1.1.0

  • Added custom elemental vehicles.
  • Vehicle appearances and weapons effects.
  • Apply customization when entering on vehicle.
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i love this mod but the AUG i noticed today is always black, its only this weapon

Thank you for the feedback, it will be fixed on the next release.

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and another thing that needs to be fixed is that you can’t kill anyone with your defib anymore

The way that the game deals with defibrillator damage is quite different. The applied damage is equal to remaining soldier health, instead of being a fixed value. You can damage enemies with the defibrillator, but you will unable to kill them if the element damage multiplier is bellow 1.

I love this idea. Are there any plans to make it compatible with bots?

I will create a patch on the next VU release, which will fix an issue that don’t allow to customize bots. Here’s a preview of Elemental Fight with Fun-bots:


Wow that’s nice my interest is back :slight_smile:

when the update is coming ?