Europe Hardcore Conquest Server

To any server admin who want to host a 32 slot EU hardcore Conquest server.
Please set up your server like the old RhRA server #1 Panzerschlacht HC by
There is 40+ players who dont have home right now…

Mode: Conquest Hardcore
1 Round per map
Tickets 500

Maps: Arica Harbor
Atacama Desert
Panama Canal
Port Valdez

Fast spawn for players and vehicles
No baserape under 26
No Minimap
No Idle kick
No Killcam

This setup made the old rhra server to run almost 24/7.
If any server admin is interested, we are happy to help.

ok, ive set up what I can for you ,i think its everything you asked for, cant figure the baserape above 26, but also dont agree with baserape so people are just gonna have to get used to it. Give it a go and see what you think, if it works well i will maintain it. Its called “#1 Panzerschlacht HC” for now.

First of all. Thank you very much for the immediate effort.
The server shows 999 ping but inside I have 105 and the tickets are 875 and not 500.
You can look at it please.

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Hello! I can run this server for you with all configs, admins as it was before EA shutdown. Kindly shoot me a message on discord [same nick] or gmail [also same nick]. Cheers!

Make BC2 great again!

OK cool I add you on Discord lets talk there.