Failed to activate game. The specified credentials could not be validated

I keep getting this error when trying to activate my server on Linux. My Origin user email and password are definitely correct, but my password does contain some weird characters - notably plus sign and close parenthesis + ). I changed it to remove the parenthesis, but still get the error. Could this be an issue with VU, or do I have something else configured incorrectly?

I had the same issue, retrying many times worked for me

How many was “many”? I’ve probably tried 30 times total between yesterday and today with no luck

I had the same issue. only use a-z characters and numbers

Yep just re-read your first post - I would try wrapping your username/password in single quotes to stop the shell doing anything funny

I only had to retry 5-10 times to get it working, 30 sounds like far too many

Fixed after I blew up the vm and restarted from the beginning. Turns out my Origin password may have been typed wrong from the start. The single quotes did help though.

Hello there, I’m having the same error message
“Failed to activate game. The specified credentials could not be validated.”
I’ve triple checked my credentials (email/password), I’ve also tried to login 30 times with no luck, I’ve used my credentials with singe and double quotes, same result.

Oh, that error message can be a real headache sometimes. Have you tried reaching out to support? They might have a quick fix for it. BTW, have you checked out the CS2 market? Sometimes diving into other aspects of the game scene can be a refreshing distraction while troubleshooting these login issues.