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Friends system

One of my pet peeves with Venice is the lack of a friends system. The main use case is all joining the same lobby and then hopping servers together. The important bit is that friends then get placed on the same team and same squad (if possible).

My experience playing Venice together with others is this:

  1. someone joins a server. He or she (sometimes) forgets the title of the server, so has to leave to relay the title of the server they are going in to the other r player.
  • A small fix would be showing the title of the dedicated server when you’re in game.
  1. Once both players are in the same server. There’s a chance another player is in another team. Switching teams often cannot be done because the game says it would get unbalanced or you’re switching into a winning team which may not be done.
  • As mentioned above in other games, first joining each others lobby and then joining the server together should reserve a 2 spots on the same team if available. Otherwise stop them from joining if that server is too full. Additionally being able to recognise who in the player list is your friend would be nice.

I hope these ideas resonate. Initially I felt like making a mod to do this but then felt this was more of a core client feature. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Those are some good points. For now, a friends system is not planned. Maybe at some point in the future.
As a workaround, you can use VU’s Discord integration to join friends.

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Disappointing to hear friends system is not planned. Just downloaded VU and been having a blast but me and my friends have to go by luck of the draw as to what team were on :frowning:

Hi @teckel,

Although having a friends system would be ideal and I definitely support your request. There is a temporary solution to finding the server name (as well as some other neat information/settings) while in-game.

While in-game, you can hold tab to bring up the scoreboard. Then right click to enable the mouse cursor. You should then see 3 tabs appear at the top of the scoreboard, the first of which is labelled “Server Info”. You can click on that tab to view the server name as well as all the server details & settings :slight_smile:. It is one of the lesser spoken about features of VU and really useful, spread the word if you can.

Hope to see you in game sometime :smiley:

PS: You can also click on user’s name to vote kick/ban or mute them :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant, thanks I’ll give it a shot

This sounds like the BetterIngameAdmin mod.

This is not the same as the BetterInGameAdmin mod. The feature being suggested is not something that can be achieved with a mod, because it is not server sided. It’s a feature that should be in the game itself. Similar to a party system that CSGO or modern Battlefield 1/V has, where you lobby up with friends before joining any server.

I was tasking about your “temporary solution to finding the server name”. The extended tab menu is a feature of BetterIngameAdmin.