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Fun-bots - TDM - AI - Bots for BF3-VU

Regarding the last Post from me:
We had some strange stability-issues and found them (at least some :wink: ). If you experience some please try out Version V1.6.2.1.
If they or others are sitll there, jsut let me know.

installed this morning.
can only say one thing.

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How would I setup a Conquest and Domination match?? I know the map names but not gamemode names.


Hello! Where can i find the link to try out the conquest paths :slight_smile: Thanks in Advance!

and if u want u can download my mod.db file too i have made paths for conquest metro and for the new custom map villa too:

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Hey there!
If there are some brave alpha-tester out there :slight_smile:
We have a first version of Rush and Conquest on the branch “smart_nodes” (see link below)
Means the bots now attack or defend objectives and spawn on their bases and so on.

If you want to try this out (not completed yet) there are the following maps possible:

MP_Subway RushLarge0 1
MP_Subway ConquestLarge0 1
MP_001 ConquestSmall0 1

The paths are not optimized yet, and there are some other known issues as well, but I find it already really fun to use :wink:
On questions and issues just contact me on Discord. (Joe_91#5467)


Tried and Tested love the conquest great work…keep those maps coming

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Hi Joe
I joined a fun-bot server yesterday titled “My test server cod1909” claiming to be using the fun-bot version and we were playing Caspian Border conquest the bots were flying the planes & helicopters to my amazement and attacking. I was of the understanding that this was still being worked on to get the bots to fly and drive vehicles. Are you able to enlighten us on this progress?

bots flying jets ?
o my god ! ,thats dope !

My bots don’t fly yet. Must have been a player. Maybe the player was named after a Bot :smiley:

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hyped for flying bots :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi cod1909
I played on your server yesterday and bots were flying the planes and helicopters, I assume you worked out how to get them to fly, because v1.6.2.1 fun-bot doesn’t have that functionality yet?
Be great if you can also get the bots to drive the tanks and other vehicles.

perhaps a player named himself bot, however it wasn’t just one bot and there was multiple bots flying both planes and helicopters at any one time in the air, I landed a chopper near a bot and it instantly jumped into the pilot seat and took off, plus they attacked, perhaps cod1909 can enlighten us?

hi sorry to burst the bubble,no bots fly or drive like you mentioned doesn’t have that yet i run De_joe-91 mod 100%.i do agree when we get to that stage it will really good.
ps i have had players on who are named as Bots just to confuse everyone.thanks for visit cod1909

Hi VU and De_Joe-91,

I’m new here and very grateful for all you people are doing and have accomplished.
Everything is written and explained so well that I have running a server with this funny-bots Mod in no time.
I have noticed that when I make vars.maxPlayers == 8 or higher (even numbers) there is no problem with logging on this server as second login player. With vars.maxplayer == 6 or 4 there is only room for 1 player to logon.

Is this common or my mistake?

Sorry for my English: it’s not my mother language.


By default there is always room for one more player and as soon as he joins another bot leaves to make room for the next one. You can increase or reduce the amount of bots in the settings.

Didnt knew you are on this forum, good to know.
Really do love your mod. Have it set perfectly the way i want. Using version: because i think its the best one so far.
Is it possible to make the bots de-spawn if they are stuck ? Lets say if they havent moved any more than 3 meters in the last 15 sec, just de-spawn them ?

@De_Joe-91 Thanks for your quick respond.

I found the problem for vars.maxPlayers == 4 or 6.
In the default config.lau is defined “initNumberOfBots = 5”
When I lower that to 2 than there is no problem anymore.

Is it an idea to make MAX_NUMBER_OF_BOTS as a variable chat command? So one can define that number depending to the number of active players while playing without having to reboot the server with a new definition of MAX_NUMBER_OF_BOTS ?

Thanks for this amazing mod it’s super cool, I’m wondering if it’s possible to be in a squad with bots and order them attack or defend, and if not would it be possible to do it in the future? :smiley:

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