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With this Venice Unleashed Mod you bring virtual bots to your Battlefield 3 server.

Changelog and Downloads

All released versions and downloads can be found here:
Changelog and Downloads

:robot: BOT-AI

AI for TDM-bots with some functions:

  • Bots can walk around on paths and shoot at player
  • You can record you own paths
    • while holding your primary weapon, all movement is recorded
    • recording includes jumping, running, walking, couching, and other stuff…
    • while holding your secondary weapon, bot will pause in this position.
      how to record a Trace

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Inspirated

This mod was inspired by the mod BotSpawn by Jassent.
It provids lots of ways to play and mess with bots. Also with multible Players at once.

:world_map: Supported Maps

The following Maps are official supported right now with waypoints/traces:

Missing some Maps or Game Modes?
Just press F12 for the InGame-Menu and start a new Trace on your own Map or Game Mode!
You can find detailed instructions in the Wiki.

:gear: Configuration

Many Settings can be changed InGame width an Chat-Command or with our Bot-Editor.

:computer_mouse: New User Interface

Since the last version, even beginners can setup the bots. You only need to press the F12 key to enter the Bot-Editor. In our Bot-Editor all settings can be changed, which can also be changed via the Config.lua or a Chat-Command.



Spawn Boots

  • On same Team or not? Look at Config.spawnInSameTeam!
  • Amount of Bots

Kill All

  • Kills all Bots on the Server

Kick All

  • Kick/Remove all Bots on the Server

Toggle Respawn

  • Start/Stop Bots to respawn after death

Toggle Attack

  • Start/Stop Bots to attack players



Start Trace

  • Either 0 or fixed index
  • If the value is 0, the next free slot will be used
  • Primary weapon = record movement, secondary weapon = record pause

End Trace

  • Stops an actual trace process

Clear Traces

  • Removes/Delete a trace with given index

Reset all Traces

  • Removes/Delete all traces


  • Saves all recorded traces to the database


  • Reload all traces from the database



Lots and lots of stuff, be carefull what you modify :wink:

:grey_exclamation: Commands

A full list of available commands can be found here: /wiki/Commands

:rainbow_flag: Language build status Build status

Here you can see the status of the build process of our language files. If you want to contribute the translation in other languages, take a look at Contributing > Languages

With each commit, the language files are rebuildet.

Have a look at it on GitHub:


How do I need to configure my server? My Server restarts in an infinite loop when the bots joined since this makes enough players for a round

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Can you pm me your Startup.txt and Modlist.txt? Then I will have a look at.


same for me, with the never ending restarts. can I PM you my startup and modlist as well?
thanks in advance and amazing work btw. thanks for this contribute

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If you have the min Playercount on default it wont work. Just set
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 0
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 0
in your Startup file.

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Can I add some friend bots?

You can, but they don’t attack other bots. Use the “Spawn in same team” option.

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Thanks a lot. was make it able to work with a few tweaks and just d/l the update you made. wow. it works awesome.

I am thinking about how to translate the menu. I try to add Chinese.js in webui and then compile it. UIClient.lua has also been added, but when entering the game, the changes in F12 settings cannot be saved and taken into effect. There are also Chinese garbled problems. Do you have any good suggestions? :grinning:


Can you send me your Language-File? Then I will have a look at and implement it in the master.

Thanks for your reply but do you mean when I join the fight and press “F10”? I did it but I cannot see any friend bots.

Sorry, there is a bug right now with saving bool-values. So the option does not work with the UI. Will be fixed soon.
If you enable the console-commands in the config.lua you can use them to set the “spawninsameteam” var and then spawn some additional bots.

Awesome work.
Can those bots be used for Conquest somehow?
Also any way to make the bots fight each other?(assuming there is bots on both teams)

Maybe some time in future. To make them fight each other the client needs to check if they can see each other. This is really intense calculation, so as long as the raycast is only supported for the clients I will not implement this.
Maybe one day I will try to make them work on Conquest as well, but for now I’m improving on the TDM Version, to get them fully functioning :wink:

Good to know about the restarting issue, I have the same issue. Also when I installed the MOD the menu options are in German. Is there any way to change this?

How do you add more map support?

In the next Version boths things will be fixed. Just go to the config.lua and set the language value to nil, to get English again. You can also use the latest version of the Branch “refactoring-and-tewaking”.
But this version is not really tested jet :wink: …

You can add support for every map yourself. Just record some Traces (Round paths araound the map) and save them. (all in the Trace-Menu).
If you create some cool paths, just send them to me and I can include them in the next release. (They are stored in the mod.db file in the mod-folder).

Works well :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make the BOT’s join the server as people enter the server instead of running all the time?