Head hit sounds effect

Head hit sounds effect

Play some random sounds when hit the head.
There are 163 different built-in sounds.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Inspirated

This mod was inspired by the mod fortnite-hit-effects by kapraran.

Download the mod

head-hit-sounds-effect.zip (8.2 MB)


good job !
fun to hear !

Could you make a version with 1 specific sound (e.g. quake hit “boop” or Dirty Bomb’s headshot sound)?

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Hi, thx for this mod, works perfectly but generate lot of errors (always the same, one error line for each headshot but server never crash) in gui server. Can you see that please ?

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Can the author make another sound effect of a headshot and a 2D anime sound effect of being attacked and dying? :heart_eyes: