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Help for the new server. Totally new to these things

Hello everybody, I am Wwanno, and this is the project the community needs…even if the community doesn’t know, sadly.

I started playng BF on BF3, then it was BF4 with its launch issues (that made me hate the franchise), I bought BF1, redeemed for free BF5, but never moved past BF4 (that was eventually fixed).

I neever owned a server, but I was able to install and host my first VU server.
Now I don’t understand how can I make all the things an Admin does.

How do I

  1. Skip a map present in map rotation?
  2. Kick or Ban a Player?
  3. Restart a round?
  4. Balance or rearrange Players that wish to play togheter?

I refer to all those things that I (as a player) saw Admins can do on regular BF server.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I installed two mods “gameadmin” and “betteringameadmin” trying to solve my problem. I just copy/pasted them in the server\admin\mods folder and I wrote them down in the ModList.txt file (and I see them in the log when I launch the server), but I don’t understand how I can make them work in game.

EDIT 2: This is my Startup.txt file

vars.serverName "Alleanza Ribelle" (works)
vars.serverDescription "Welcome to Alleanza Ribelle server. Be respectful, have fun!" (works)
vars.maxPlayers 32 (works)
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 2 (works)
vars.autoBalance true (I don’t know if it works because I am always alone in the server)
vu.FrequencyMode high120 (how do I know if it works? And is it needed if I launch the server with VU Server (120hz) from the start menù?)
vu.HighPerformanceReplication true (I don’t know if it works, but on a ryzen 5900x it should be fine…or not)
vu.SetTeamTicketCount 1 500 (DOES NOT WORK, TICKETS ARE 300)
vu.SetTeamTicketCount 2 500 (DOES NOT WORK, TICKETS ARE 300)
vu.SquadSize 6 (I don’t know if it works because I am always alone in the server)
vu.SunFlareEnabled false (I think it works)
vu.ColorCorrectionEnabled true (I think it works)

get your self procon. you can do all your admin from there.

also ‘vars.gameModeCounter 500’ for tickets (wicth you can edit in procon.)

Hi, and thank you.
Where can I find a documentation that explain me in an easy (really easy) way how to proceed?

I downloaded the zipped file, unzipped, and launched PRoCon.exe.
It looks like a browser thing, with a tool button on the top right corner, but I don’t know what to do next.