[HELP] VU Mod - Read text from file

Hey there !

Is there a way in LUA / VU API to read local files ? To be precise a *.txt file or *.md file (markdown) or *.json file ? It would be very convenient to offer some kind of config file for a mod not written in LUA, or to be able to use the text inside a Markdown file as content .

I tried file = io.open (filename) but it appears to be not working because of permission, which is understandable (otherwise the mod would be able to read files on clients). But I wonder if there is a way offered by VU or Frostbite API ?

Thanks for any pointers !

No, that’s not possible due to security concerns. You can use the SQL library to store data: https://docs.veniceunleashed.net/vext/ref/server/library/sql/

@lujara thanks ! Totally understand :slight_smile:

:see_no_evil: would be great if VU would introduce some additional folder in the mod structure beside the client, server and shared - e.g. called “assets” or similiar - where the scripts would be able to read the files from.