Help with creating Bad Company 2 server?

So we currently run a local online server for BBC2 and it works great, can we operate a new server through project Rome? we have not had any luck so far and all the tutorials we have found are old and have dead links? any help would be greatly appreciated!


I just installed BF BC as well. Really want to play online. Did you find any solution online yet?
Can you send me an reply with the fix please? I want to play the game on a cracked server because the old servers aren’t running anymore right?

Bless you for your time :grinning: :+1:

Best wishes from the Netherlands,


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hi Blipsterino
did you get a reply to this? Did you work out how to host the servers on Rome?

Hi Harm
The previous guy was asking about hosting a server, you just want to be able to join the games?
These are not cracked servers, but are exactly many of the ones that were already hosting on EA. You just need to download the Project ROme CLient from Downloads - VU ( Extract the d8input and put it in your game folder where the .exe is. This will connect you to Nexus where all the servers are, you use your login from here to get into the game, you can also transfer your old stats from your EA soldier to your Nexus soldier here
hope this helps, enjoy many more years of BFBC2

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