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How do you bring up the command prompt for server commands and Joe91 fun-bots mod?

I’m have trouble finding the command prompt for server commands so I can disable suppression using this command. >>> vu.SuppressionMultiplier

Also I’m using version of the fun-bot mod, and i want to use !spawnbots command to spawn moving bots.

I already installed the sever and can play against 6 bots in it. All I need is some more examples on how use these two commands and how to bring up there prompts.

its a lot easier for bot settings to use f12 when game is loaded,lots of settings available

I see so just press f12 to open up settings, I thought it would be something more complicated.

So how do I turn off the suppression using vu server commands?

Ok I figured it out, the suppression was at 0.0 when it was suppose to be 0 in the startup txt to disable it.