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I dont have original origin can i still play?

hi respected members and moderator.

i was looking forward to join this bf3 project reality mods but the issue is don’t have the original origin i use zlo-origin. i really want to play this mod but I don’t want to give EA/dice the money because I don’t feel like the need to support those money hungry dev. They destroy bf2 revive community and now i found myself without a battleground. There are many lost solider like me out there over thousand play bf3 and bf4 via zlomu origin.

I hope you understand my point and we will have discussion on it here or on discord voice. I already join discord server my name is RDX_BOT

thank you peace out !

I dont think so thats a fair point (none is) to pirate the game.
You are still enjoying the game that means the work of the dev should be respected.
They put in months and years of work to make a game.
As per VU . Piracy is a NO-GO

Piracy is really a NO-GO and shouldn’t be supported. If you don’t have the money (which I understand, as of now the game on Steam is still 40 €) I would wait until it’s available in sale again.

I just bought Battlefield 3 again on Steam during the winter holidays, where it was on sale for ~ 9 €.

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agreed and disagree. i play bf3 only 4 match.
I Play project reality Over 4000hr and i have contributed more than $100 in thier program because they deserve it.

I believe in this community an the mods will change the gameplay i better pay the modders here than bf3 official dev.

Over and out

We don’t support piracy. Topic closed.