You can finally ditch Procon for the most of things :smiley:




Does stuff.

Open with F10


  1. Download and Install gameAdmin by FlashHit
  2. Download and Install IngameRCON
  3. Join your Server right after Startup, the first person joining will automatically be saved as the Server Owner, granting them full rights / priviliges.
  4. Add any further Admins using gameAdmin
  5. You are now able to open & use IngameRCON with F10
  6. Enjoy

by @kaloczi.kvn and me


Can you help me to make this mod in Chinese? I want more Chinese server admins to use this great mod!

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Hello! Contact me on Discord IllustrisJack#5355 if you would be willing to help with translation! Sadly my Mandarin isn´t good enough to do it on my own and i don´t want to use Google Translator due to possible translation errors. @shenfanjun

Yes,I do, discord has added you!

hi, im getting a problem where, whenever i start my server and i press F10 i get the error : “Player is not Admin” but when i use the command when the server is started using the command “gameAdmin.add true x13” then press F10 it works just fine and all the options show up. But then when i restart my server the exact same error “Player is not Admin” pops up again, i really dont wanna have to enter the command over and over again! also it doesnt work when i put “gameAdmin.add true x13” in startup.txt

am i stupid? how do i download gameadmin there isn’t even a download button option…

it´s nested inside of another repository, you can download that or use Download GitHub directory