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Issue with 2 commands

Hi, it appears that both server commands “vars.3pCam” and “vars.3dSpotting” have to be set to “false” to enable them, shouldn’t this be the other way around?

already known and will be fixed in the next update

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This seems to still be an issue on our server. Although I’m new to VU so I very well could have something setup wrong, etc.

In the file …\Battlefield 3\Server\Admin\Startup.txt I have to set both vars…


…to false.

Then through the in-game settings: Scoreboard -> Settings -> Server Setup -> Manage Presets, the values show up as Yes and the functionality works in game as though both are enabled.

But when both var values were set to true in Startup.txt, the in-game/scoreboard settings showed No and the in-game functionality didn’t work.

Not a big deal as we have a work-around, but figured I’d mention it.

Thanks for all the awesome work you guys do btw!