Killfeed 2.0

Killfeed 2.0

A new killfeed that displays more information.



  • Headshot icon
  • Roadkill icon
  • Player Connected message
  • Player Disconnected message




Download (672.2 KB)


Just tried this and I get the player connected message but that’s all. The kills are not being shown at all for me. If it’s working for everyone else then the only thing I can think is maybe it is because I tested it with BOTs? from the fun-bots mod. They don’t show up in the kill feed any more when you kill them. with the default kill feed they do.

your own kills don’t get displayed there, just like in vanilla.

Might be a good idea to add a config that allows servers to set whether they want to have players’ own kills displayed or not.

Or delete lines 29-31 in Client/__ init __.lua :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just re-installed this after coming back to play again and it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I just get no kill feed at all now with this installed?