Linux Server - No Connection Possible

Hey Guys im trying to host an Server on my VPS.
Server Setup works and in Console it is starting up.
Shows up in Server list - but with no ping!
It is not reachable with ProCon and if you try to connect you get an error

Heres a pic and the console

i noticed that with netstat i dont see the open ports i needed but wine doesnt need to be configured to let ports trough?

Maybe someone can help me.
Sry for my bad english :smiley:

Try remove the //comments line after admin.password in startup cfg. This fixed procon connection and I think it allows ping to query.

Yesterday i switched to an Windows Server (2016) and there is an simliar Problem.
Ping ist now showen but No Connection possible.
Opened all Ports that are necessary. and gives an simliar Problem.
You can try to Connect. Search for Server โ€œbembelโ€

Maybe you have an idea