MedicRadar - See nearby medics while waiting for revive


MedicRadar is a simple mod that adds a box to the UI with nearby medics when a player is waiting for a revive, similar to the system introduced in BFV. UI mimics the vanilla interface and scales with it.


This mod doesn’t require any setup. Extract the donwloaded folder and place MedicRadar folder inside your Admin/Mods folder.


You can download the latest version here: (26.1 KB)

You can find the source code here:


Hi, I don’t know if I was doing something wrong but I had to compile the WebUI myself following this guide, otherwise I was getting an error:
[VeniceEXT] Could not find WebUI container for mod 'MedicRadar'.

P.S. I noticed couple old versions available on GitHub, which have the compiled UI file, but they don’t seem to work (even after updating the json file).

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Thanks for the heads up, I updated the release section on github with the latest version. I’ll update attachment here as well.

Attachment has been updated.

Updated attachment with the latest version:

  • Updated to work with latest VU version
  • Fixed UI not hiding when getting revived
  • Added tag to mod.json

Do I need to add any lines of code to Modlist.txt ?

You need to add medicradar to modlist.txt
And make sure the mod folder in …/Admin/Mods is named MedicRadar, not MedicRadar-master or anything like that.

This gets stuck on the screen for me. Still there after I have respawned and doesn’t go away until you die again. It only does this if you respawn before the revive timer has run out.

@FoolHen Are you still supporting this? If not can someone else take it up as the bug with it staying on screen is annoying.

I’m still supporting it yeah, will take a look as soon as I have some time

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@FoolHen I just submitted a pull request on your GitHub repo for this MOD, it fixes the UI getting stuck on screen, if you want to have a look. I’ve been testing it for a while and it works fine.

Thanks, new release available. Updated the zip here as well.

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