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More Gore - More blood & gore effects for VU


Adds more blood & gore for Battlefield 3 Venice Unleashed.
It achieves this by changing the behaviour of blood splatter effects and scaling up blood pool decals.



If you’d like to change the amount of blood, this mod is completely configurable.
You can configure the mod by going into:


In there, you can change

  • Size of the blood pool effect on dead bodies
  • How long new blood splatters should be spawned for
  • How fast new blood splatters should be spawned
  • The spawn area size for blood splatters
  • The distance where blood splatters will be rendered


VU More Gore has been update to version 1.1!

  • Dead bodies and vehicle wrecks will stay much longer.
  • A small amount of randomness has been added to the scale of blood pools

Two new configurable options have been made in: ext/shared/init.lua

local corpseDecayTime = 120 --The time in seconds it takes for a player’s body to despawn | Default = 15 | Note: Keep in mind that a server will crash if over 512 bodies are on the ground

local vehicleCorpseDecayTime = 300.0 --The time in seconds it takes for vehicle wrecks to despawn | Default = 60

One new configurable option has been made in: ext/client/init.lua

local bloodPoolSizeRandomness = 0.5 --The randomness that will be added to the blood pool effect’s size



Woah this looks cool, it’s what battlefield needs great mod <3 edit* I have a question…does the vehicle wreck keep smoking all the way through, cause I always wanted it to keep smoking for longer haha