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MP_Lake (Operation Métro)

This is basically Operation Métro Conquest at the Rush/ Squad Deathmatch area.

Download (16.5 KB)

You can find the source code here:


Updated to 1.0.1
This fixes the restart crash.


Hi, did it work with the actual version of vu (Beta Build 17384) ? Cause i tried it and nothing change (in Conquest Large, Rush and Squad Deathmatch

Only Conquest Small works, so you can still use conquest large for default metro.

This looks lovely. We seriously need some duckshaped pedal operated boats to float on the lake water though! Instead of the motor boats. We’d keep the mounted guns of course… until we get flame throwers or dragon shaped boats that breath fire. Just some ideas :wink:

Updated to 1.1.0

  • fixed bug where you couldn’t spawn on a boat more then one time
  • added a custom gamemode name Conquest #2
  • load noshahr bundle instead of back to karkand dlc bundle, so everyone can play it now
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