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Multiple Server Barebones PC Hardware Specification?

I would like to buy a barebones PC to use specifically for hosting 3 VU servers. Is there anyone already running a similar kind of setup that can advise on the required hardware spec?

I’d like to run:

32 man Public adhoc game modes/Private Clan Training/Private dogfighting
32 man Public TDM - infantry only
84-128 man Public Conquest with standard vehicles

All running at 30Hz.

The 32 man public adhoc game modes server would normally run various game modes - like TDM Sniper only, TDM pistol and knife only, etc. and then be used for private clan training /dogfighting when needed.

The 32 Man Public TDM will be infantry only TDM on mixed maps. I am currently running this server now on the same PC that I game on but it’s maxing out the PC along with everything else that I run.

The 84-128 Man Public Conquest server will run the most popular Conquest air maps with the standard vehicles. Ideally I’d like to get it running with 128 man but I could reduce the player count if need be, I would like to get at least a minimum of 84 players though.

The server would also be running Procon to manage the 3 Vu servers but other than that all other software would be stripped down to the essentials.

My internet seems fine, I have fibre running at 40 MBPS up and 120 MBPS down.

Can anyone advise what spec I should be looking at for the PC?

I ran a 60hz 24 slot server with a i5 530m just fine. You will need good single core performance to host a 64+ slot server because the server only operates on one core…

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