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Night Time - Changes levels lightning


A simple mod that changes levels lighting to make them look like night time maps.




already looking incredible on the maps I have tested. Thanks again, great work!

Does this apply globally, or can you pick certain maps to run with it?


I find this is a Very nice Idea!

Looks great! It would be awesome if we could toggle this on/off with a command. My use case would be random at map change if it will be dark or not, have the percentage chance a setting we can change.

I did a lot of gmod lua scripting, which feels similar to VU, I just need to get some experience.

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Looks great, thanks for the effort!

Fantastic mod, and flawless implementation!
But if you can make it so like HUD (capture the flag icons, flag icons, and other HUD elements) it will be great. Now maps look perfect, but HUD spoils the whole experience

Really nice mod!
I would suggest, if possible, changing not only the lighting, but also the water texture.
I was trying it in Gulf of Oman and the sea is too much brighter than the rest of the map.

The only other issue I saw was the fact that some vehicles don’t have lights attached to the model, so it’s a little bit difficult to spot them at the night.

Keep up the good work!

Excellent! How can I make a time binding? To make the time of day change over the course of the game

hello, great mod, but its posible make total night? i mean, that you need light to see like on infection mod?
something like this:

There’s not much to do with the HUD, for a more immersive experience i recommend disabling 3d spotting.

Hello, I love the mod but testing it on metro shows that it is way too dark in the underground section, it should still be fully lit by the interior lighting, is there a way to fix this?

Version 0.2

  • add: removing irregular level elements
  • add: reduce fog color
  • add: increase visibility on menu
  • fix: tonemap method inconsistency
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We played Rush with 48-64 players on some maps yesterday and it was really really fun.
It was dark, but it was an interesting challenge. Flying chopper was especially hard - I darkended my room up and turned off my 2 other screens.

Turning off 3dSpotting would’ve made this even more challenging.

It’s great. But please remove flirs on your servers. :smiley:

Does this change all map by default to night or does it add a new map layer like metro_night for example?

Hey Reirei, disabling the hud everything looks beautiful in the dark! But still kinda like Timm said, would be nice to still see the hud, perhaps not so bright and smaller icons. Is there a way to touch the 3d icons/ texts to not appear so bright and big? Something like in BF1 or I think BF4 did have that feature. Cheers

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i think for now its globally set.
when the map editor comes out there are new maps like metro_night.

All the maps of the game are affected by the mod.

Version 0.3

  • Restore fog, smoke and cloud elements from all levels.
  • Fix emissive parameter on irregular elements.
  • Patch irregular elements from DLC levels.
  • Remove water and godray elements on some levels.


  • Back to Karkand DLC maps have bright ocean.
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