No servers?

Hi everyone. I just installed BF3 again (WOOT WOOT) grabbed the Reality Mod and linked my account tried to join a server after using the REALITYMOD tag and only one server is active …empty.

Is there still servers or is there something I have not done right???

yeah when it came out there were more servers…i think most people just play bots on here…i recommend you go download some mods, procon, and grab one of your 2 free server keys…then you can customize your own matches…the bots are really good(v2.5rc-2 is my fav version…have issues with the newer versions when i change .ini to give bots torches on night maps…turns to pistol only)if your interested i could give you some pointers to make bf3 a game that will never die and be fun forever

Players start to gethering round about 7pm (UTC). At sundays earlier.