Over The Shoulder Camera

Hi guys! I’d just like to propose an idea for an over the shoulder camera to play Battlefield 3 from. I already saw a thread for Third Person, but it was from a few years back and it doesnt look like it gained any traction since. Unfortunaliy my skills with hacking games is quite limited, that’s why I’d like to propose the idea as oppose to doing it all myself. I think it’ll intise alot of people, as the third person animations for Battlefield 3 are quite good when considering the game is supposed to be played primariliy from the first person perspective, and I think people will get a kick out of seeing themselves in action on screen while being able to properly play the game. As I have seen simple mods to base the camera directly behind the player, however from this view you are unable to properly aim or shoot, which is why the camera needs to be moved to over the shoulder while still maintaining visaible crosshairs along with keeping that slight zoom when aiming down sights.
Thanks guys.