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Port VU to BF4?

Just an idea… But is it possible to port Venice with the funbots and everything over to BF4? 3 and 4 is the last true Battlefields we got and ever will get since the team has moved on and it would be awesome to be able to use venice on both

EDIT: i setup my own server through a client, and ran a “pseudoplayer.spawncount” command in the server and it added bots to the game… so it should be about the same thing you did for funbots and bf3… these however had no trace, didn’t attack eachother or take points… But i figured you could use the same commands since it’s the same engine right?


There is a team creating a VU type project for BF4 named Warsaw Revamped, however it is in very early development.

I presume the Frostbyte Engine had a plethora of changes ever since BF3, so porting VU to BF4 is unlikely to be simple. If it was, I’d say it would’ve been done by now.


Yeah i stumbled across this project last night when i was digging around! Sucks it’s far away, but makes me really happy we’ll get VU and Warsaw! Bf3 & 4 is the best two games ever made!

Anyway, thanks for replying! All the best!