Problem sound with ELGATO WAVE LINK

i, sorry for my poor english first, cause i’m french and i speak bad this language.
so, i try to explain you what’s my problem.
i have a mic ELGATO WAVE 3 (mic in on the IN windows)
i have a steelseries ARCTIS PRO WIRELESS (but in jack on the wave 3 for latency 0)
with all the others games, all is OK with mic and headphone)
when i go on BF3 with battlelog, RAS with the sound
but when i use VU CLIENT and dedicate server, i don’t have any sound (VU stay in grey) and when i activate the volume, wave link say to me that the sound out on the mic.

is it possible somebody explain to me what happened please ???

i can do screenshot if you want :wink:

thank you.